Want us to come to your city?

Introducing the Parenting Resources Ambassador Program!

The process is pretty simple...

1.) Ambassadors help to find a qualifying training location in their area, if one has not already been found. 

Requirements for space:

  • Must fit at minimum of 12 students and 3 instructors
  • Must have seating and tables for 15 people
  • Fall under maximum daily cost given by Parenting Resources staff

2.) Ambassador starts to fill the class

For every student you get registered, you receive 10% off your training cost. So it's very possible to have your training 100% paid for!

Requirements for referrals:

  • If the referral chooses a payment plan, you will not receive the discount until they have completed the payment plan
  • You will not receive the discount until the refund/cancellation period has passed
  • In order to receive the discount, the class must generally meet the minimum student requirement


Can there be more than one Ambassador per town?


How many students do you need, in total, to run a class?

It depends on the city, the training, facility, and which program. We'll let you know when we speak to you about the details.

What do I do next?

Email us and we'll get everything set up with you!