We help families and caregivers thrive.

We help parents raise
happy, healthy babies

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You're becoming a new parent or your baby has already arrived!

Reality is starting to set in that you're now responsible for another tiny human being. (EEK!)

You know you'll love your baby and that you'll be a rockstar parent, so you want to make sure she grows happy and healthy, but Google is giving you conflicting advice on how to get there.

You've been in all the Mom groups and asked family and are met with judgey and unhelpful advice.


We're here to be your sidekick in helping you raise a happy, healthy baby through evidence-based classes and services.


Channel your inner SUPERParent 


The Baby Prep Squad
Has Your Back


Prenatal Classes

You're expecting!
Get ready for your
epic adventure

Get the roadmap to help you navigate childbirth, baby care, and new parenthood through the Baby Prep Squad's 2 St. Louis prenatal classes- Birth + Baby Prep 101 or Baby Prep 101.

No time to go to class? No worries.
The Baby Prep School is all online for busy parents.

In Home Support

THE Baby's here!
Call in your own personal sidekick

The Baby Prep Squad sidekick comes to your home for 4 hours and makes sure you're armed with everything you reign victorious in those tough early weeks of parenting.



Feeding Help

Uh oh!
Time to send in feeding

If the going gets tough with breastfeeding, bottlefeeding, or pumping, we'll send in the top guns at the Baby Prep Squad, our Board Certified Lactation Consultants, to help you get back on track.


The Book Your Sidekick Process

Click "Book the Baby prep Squad"

Choose your desired class or service

Select the next open date on the schedule

Never fear, your Baby Prep Squad sidekick is here!

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Free Download

Download our our free Newborn Safety Cheat Sheet, making sure your baby is safe in their carrier, sleep surface, and car seat

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Our classes + services
we'll help you master

☑️Childbirth Preparation

☑️Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding, and Pumping

☑️Newborn Care

☑️Safety- Home, Sleep, Car Seat

☑️Skin to Skin, Bonding, and Babywearing

☑️Infant CPR & Choking

☑️Healthy Sleep, Crying Reduction, and Happiest Baby on the Block

☑️Postpartum Healing and Adjustment



What St. Louis
Parents Are Saying...


I just wanted to say thanks again for the wonderful class on Saturday. It really was a great time for Brent and I to gain some more knowledge and get more comfortable in our soon-to-be roles. Brent was even overly satisfied with the class and that’s saying something!! 

- Megan Lengerman, MA


Anything you need to know, they can tell you, in a fun and non-judgemental environment. If they don't know the answer, they can tell you who does.

The best resource for parents, hands down. 

- Kelli Lerch

We got so much out of the Baby 101 class. I will definitely be recommending it to others! 

- Alicia Lohmar

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