You want to give your child a wonderful and memorable birthday, but don't want 20 children plus parents in your house. Instead, have a premium, relaxing, engaging once once in a lifetime birthday party experience for your 0-6 year old with a Party & Learn Birthday party at Parenting Resources!


That's right- it's yours- all yours... We've made our birthday party experience so you can just show up and just leave if you want. We take care of everything for you in a comfy, welcoming, fun space. You get 100% access while you're here and even a Party Assistant to make sure things go smoothly. 


Cedarworks Play Structure

Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers can climb through, slide, and even hide out in our splinter-free and eco-friendly Cedarworks indoor climbing gym and playhouse.


Montessori-Inspired Toys

We have carefully selected a wide variety of Montessori and Montessori-inspired works, and open ended activities, toys, animals, puzzles, blocks, and instruments that your child can independently explore.


Chill and Relax

Enjoy conversation in our comfy living room area, where's there's plenty of seating to replicate being in your home (without the worry!)


Arts & Crafts On Demand

A self serve art area is always ready for your partiers' creativity. It is always well stocked with crayons, colored pencils, markers, edible paint, eco-dough, coloring pages, and other supplies for the little artists!


Lots of Wheels

If your child loves things that go vroom, we have an entire shelf of trains, cars, trucks, planes, and more. They can even build out a train track throughout the play space or do so on the train table.


Plenty of Seating

We have ample tables and seating for all of your guests and set these up for you before your arrival.


Pretend and Imaginative Play

Children practice life skills through role playing and pretend with our child-sized cleaning set, play kitchen, dolls, baby carrier, crib, as well as plenty of fun costumes, capes, and dress up items. 


Infant Toys

We have plenty of baby-friendly toys such as baby gyms, wooden fine motor toys, balls, imbucare boxes, busy boards, sensory toys, and more. We also have carriers feeding pillows, and more for caregivers to use.


Activities Option

Choose from bubble time, or a mini dance party to get the kids moving, or just let them free play to their heart's content.


Gross Motor Fun

Our gross motor activities are perfect for crawlers through preschoolers, including our playground, balance beam, rock-a-boat, stairs, push toys, play tunnel, and Gonge Stones and Hilltops


We love to read!

Curl up in our reading nook with Mr. Bear, your little one, and lots of great books books that are regularly rotated out to keep the titles fresh, new, and interesting.


Children's Garden and Playspace

Our Children's Garden is accessible to partiers and is a great way to transition outside towards the end party or use the throughout the entire time. It's wonderfully shady and complete with a climbing tree, swing, climbing ladder, dirt pit, sand box, mud kitchen, club house, gardening area, toys, trucks, sidewalk chalk, adult seating, logs to climb and hang out on, children's picnic tables, and plenty of shenanigans. 


+ What is the process to tour the space, get more info, or to book?

Whether you're ready to book now or you'd like to come check out our space, click on of the book now buttons. Your personal Party Assistant will get back to you within 72 business hours. We'll go over all the details, talk about dates, and if you'd like to schedule a tour you can do that with her at that time to see the space.

To hold your spot, you'll put down a 50% non refundable deposit, sign a contract and waiver, and then will need to pay the remainder within 48 hours of the party start time.

+ Can I get there early to decorate?

You rental time is 2.5 hours total, which includes set up and arrival times. What you do with that time is up to you, though we have suggested agendas we can provide. We charge $85/hour for extra time if you need it.

We will set up a certain amount of decorations for you, if you'd like, so that you can just show up, stress free, and party.

+ Do you clean the toys and equipment?

We go to great lengths to keep our space as clean as possible, including the toys and equipment. We typically clean with a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar with a small amount of essential oil such a tree tea oil or lavendar.

We do ask everyone that if a toy ends up in your child's mouth or nose, to please place it in the dirty toy bin when the child is finished with it to ensure full sanitation.

If you see something that is not properly cleaned, broken, or not secure, please alert a staff member so the issue can be resolved.

+ Can children be dropped off?

We do not monitor this for parties, however, we do require there to be 1 adult to every 5 children for safety.

+ Are there food or drink restrictions?

Bring what you'd like, we just ask for no peanut products.

+ Can older kids come?

Sure! We just ask that big kids not climb the equipment meant for little bodies.

+ Can I bring a photographer or other vendor?

Yes. So long as a vendor does not pose a safety threat or does not require alteration or damage to the buiding, that should be fine. We do ask for 7 days notice of any vendor that will be coming, however.

+ What are the rules, regulations, and waiver that I'll be agreeing to upon sign up?

We'll include a link again to them when you sign up, but you can read the [Rules and Terms of Service][2] here anytime!


Add Ons- As listed

Base Party Package- $285

Art or Music Party- we'll provide a birthday themed art project or music circle activity!- $100
Additional Rental Time- $85/hour
Piñata outdoors (weather permitting)- $50
Painting activity outdoors- $45
20 Balloons- $50

Concierge Services- Custom Pricing

Want a specialized themed party? We've done everything from dinosaurs to troll and can help make your child's party Pinterest-worthy- but we'll take care of it all for you.

Need to hire a vendor such a photographer, face painter, performer, or balloon artist? Allow us to take care of this for you and provide you with a custom quote. 




✔︎ 2.5 total hours of Use (includes any additional set up, your arrival, and your exit)
✔︎ Full exclusive use of space, kitchenette, equipment, and children's garden
✔︎ Stocked coffee and tea cart for adults
✔︎ Beverage dispenser, serving plates, and utensils for food and desserts
✔︎ 1 PR Staff member to be your personal Party Assistant- they'll have things set up before you arrival, will break down, will keep activities running on time, will clean up throughout the party, cut cake, and will provide whatever assistance you may need
✔︎ Setup and breakdown by PR staff of PR equipment and materials
✔︎ Music system and playlist of your choice
✔︎ Projection system use - great for slideshows!
✔︎ Four 6 foot tables (kid and adult heights) and 30 chairs in addition to our living room and art area seating
✔︎ Decorated Highchair, if desired, perfect for phot ops
✔︎ Choice of bubble time or dance party activity

Currently Play & Learn Club Members take off 10%


What Do I Do To Book?