Draw and Color with Vehicles

Does your toddler or preschooler love trucks, trains, and automobiles? Does your toddler or preschooler seem to start on an art or craft project (that you probably spent forever setting up), only to spend a few seconds on it and then runs away?

We give you one of the easiest ways to keep your little one interested in your art project: have them color with their favorite vehicles!

Today at Crafternoon, our super fun Play & Learn Club member exclusive arts and craft time, we did just this. 

This activity is not just fun and helps to keep a child engaged in an art project for longer periods of time, it also serves to help your child in numerous ways. It's also great for
developing creativity, fine and gross motor development, color identification, teamwork, body awareness, spatial awareness, roleplaying, pretend play, and following instructions.


  • Your child's favorite trucks, cars, planes, trains
  • Washable Markers
  • You can use crayons or colored pencils but we find that they don't show up as well since they won't have a lot of pressure pushing down on them
  • Large piece of paper- we used 3M Easel Pad paper but you can use butcher paper, poster board, or even a piece of cardboard
  • Tape- any kind should do


  • Tape down your paper to the floor (we recommend on a floor type that can be wiped down easily, should your child's vehicle spin our of control and off the paper ;)
  • Tape one marker to the front or back of each vehicle- we used 2-3 pieces of tape
  • Sit your child next to or in the middle of the paper
  • Get vroom vrooming or choo chooing!

Add challenges, as age appropriate: 

  • Have your child help you tape the markers to the vehicle
  • Ask your child to draw with a particular color or ask them which color they are drawing with
  • Ask your child to drive the vehicle in a circle or other shape
  • Ask your child to draw a letter, number, or his/her name with the vehicle

We hope you enjoy this super simply, quick, and fun activity with your child! Tune in next week for another Crafternoon project idea!

Thanks for reading!


Kate Schnetzer, MHA, CBE, CLC

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