Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why must children be potty trained in order to be dropped off?

We are not a daycare or

+ Is this a religious or secular camp?

While we welcome kiddos from all religions and backgrounds, our curriculum is secular.

+ Do you clean the toys and equipment?

We go to great lengths to keep our space as clean as possible, including the toys and equipment. We typically clean with a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar with a small amount of essential oil such a tree tea oil.

We do ask everyone that if a toy ends up in your child's mouth or nose, to please place it in the dirty toy bin when the child is finished with it to ensure full sanitation.

If you see something that is not properly cleaned, broken, or not secure, please alert a staff member so the issue can be resolved.

**+ Can I drop off my child?

As long as your child is potty trained, they can be dropped off by you or another caregiver.

+ Can I bring a friend's child or other family member? Can I share a membership with another family?

Memberships cannot be shared with friends or children that are not in your immediate family. However, we'd love for your nephew, cousin, or friend to join so that they can join in the fun too!

+ What if my child is out and does not attend a day or two? Can I recieve a refund?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds or credits for missed days for any reason unless we have cancelled class.

+ Is this a religious or secular camp?

While we welcome kiddos from all religions and background, our curriculum is secular.

+ What is the sick policy?

We ask that campers not come if they or their child have had a fever, green mucus, vomiting, or any clear signs of illness within the past 48 hours. We have many newborns and children with developing immune systems who visit and we would like to keep illnesses from here to a minimum!

In order to protect all of our members, we do reserve the right to ask you or your child to come back another day if we see clear signs of illness.

+ Can we bring snacks or lunch? Is this an allergen free business?

We will be providing a healthy snack in the morning and in the afternoon for the children. Typically fruit or vegetables or a grain. We are not an allergen free facility so if your child has a severe allergy, please inform us before registering to ensure we can accomodate the allergen.

+ Do you close for holidays or other events?

The only holiday we have during the summer camp sessions is July 5th, in which we will close. That week's tuition will be adjusted accordingly.

+ I've never been to your space. Can I come tour and speak with someone more about the camp?

We'd love to show you our space! You can stop by during any of our open hours, however we'd highly recommend making an appointment with owner Kate by emailing so she can ensure that you have all of your questions answers.