Hi there!

Welcome fellow car seat nerds or soon to be car seat nerds!

If you're here you've either met one on one with Kate at Parenting Resources for a personalized consultation or you've purchased this course in hopes of making sure that your baby is as safe as possibly while riding around town. 

You are in the right place.

In this course I'm going to take you through the fundamentals of car seat safety, how to keep your baby safe, how to make sure you're not making common mistakes, and how to make sure your installation is perfect each and every time. 

You'll always have access to this course and you'll have access to ongoing updates, upgrades (like, say for forward facing and booster add ons!, and changes so as safety recommendations progress, as they always do, you'll be able to refer back here to see what's up.)

Currently this is focused on rear facing but we will be adding forward facing and booster videos in the future.

If you have questions along the way, please head over to the Baby Prep Squad and ask there so that we can all learn from each other or you can email us anytime.

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Thanks for learning with us!

Kate Schnetzer, MHA, CBE, CLC, CPST
Co-Founder and Parent Educator
Parenting Resources