Sometimes life doesn't go as we planned.

Before now, finding a local, court-approved parenting class has been nearly impossible.

The trusted parenting educators at Parenting Resources are now offering parenting workshops throughout the
St. Louis area for custody cases.

Our curriculum meets the stated requirements for St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and Jefferson County Courts but getting prior approval from the courts is recommended.

Curriculum Overview

The Practical Positive Parenting Class is a 6 hour in-person course.  Students receive a Certificate of Completion for attendance (students may not miss more than a cumulative total of 15 minutes of the class or they must retake the course at their expense), full participation in all activities and exercises, and passage of an exam at the end to ensure comprehension of material. The class is a mix of engaging lecture, role playing, communication and sharing, and other helpful exercises to help the parent see through the eyes of their child and to find solutions that will work for their child throughout their parenting journey.

The Practical Positive Parenting Classes are designed to help improve parenting skills using methods developed by Dr. Jane Nelson in her Positive Discipline books and system as well as the works of psychologist Alfred Adler. The approach is focused on an evidence-based and practical methods in raising cooperative, responsible, self-reliant children while giving parents the tools they need to set boundaries, discipline, and communicate without the use of physical force, yelling, nagging, or threatening. The Practical Positive Parenting Class content is applicable to parents with children of all ages. 

The course is taught by experienced parent educators from a variety of backgrounds who have degrees and experience in Social Work, Counseling, Child Welfare, or Similar Qualifications. The courts, social workers, or attorneys may contact Parenting Resources at any time for verification of attendance or more information about curriculum, if requested by calling (314) 332-2582.

Course Highlights

  • 6 hours of engaging content- lecture, role playing, sharing, and participation
  • Students leave with a Certificate of Completion that they can present to the judge
  • The course is evidence-based, focused on Practical Positive Parenting, based on the Positive Discipline system by Dr. Jane Nelson and other positive parenting psychology principle
  • Download our Information Sheet to present to the judge, social worker, or attorney for approval prior to enrolling,. We do not guarantee court approval, as all judges may have their own length and content requirements.

Enrollment is easy!

Step 1:

Read The Fine Print

Class fee is NON REFUNDABLE within 4 weeks of the class date, unless we cancel a class.

There is a class minimum of 10 students in each class. If it does not reach the minimum within 48 hours of the course, it will be cancelled. You will receive 100% refund if we cancel or you can transfer to another class date.

It is the student's responsibility to get permission from the judge, case worker, or whomever is responsible for your court ordered class. We recommend printing and submitting the Information Sheet to the judge, social worker, or attorney for approval. There are no refunds within 4 weeks of the class date.

Students cannot miss more than 15 minutes TOTAL of the course throughout the day. Students that do will not receive a Certificate of Completion and will have to retake the course and be charge a second course fee. There are no exceptions.

Step 2:

Register For Your Class

Choose your desired date, click the Sign Up Now button below it, and pay your class fee:

December 17th, 2017 (SOLD OUT)
South City, St. Louis

January 28, 2018
South City, St. Louis

Social workers, attorneys, and other professionals- want us to come to your agency or area? Please contact us

Step 3:

Check Your Email For Your Ticket!

Check your email for confirmation that you registered. If you don't see a receipt or purchase confirmation, check your spam folder. If you still do not see it there, please call (314) 332-2582. This confirmation email is your ticket and without it,
you may not be permitted in the class. 

Step 4:

Plan Ahead For Your Class

You'll receive the specific class address with more specifics about the day of class about a week before your class date.

On the day of class, please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before class and not leaving until 6pm. We will take a 30 minute lunch break and two 15 minute breaks. We recommend bringing a lunch, snacks, and beverages, but you can pick something up locally and bring it back as well if you prefer.

Please do not bring children or other people to the class. If you will be brining a translator or sign language interpreter, please let us know ahead of time. 

The class requires full participation, role playing, and activities.