We are going to rock your doula world in our 5 day
Comprehensive Postpartum Doula Certification Training Course

You will leave this training certified, qualified, and ready to take on clients.

It's not for the faint of heart. Or for people who want a shortcut in this journey.

This is for career-minded professionals who want to be the BEST in their market. Who want to provide the BEST care and support to their clients. Who want to have the BEST network of birth and baby professionals at their fingertips after graduating. 

You're reading this because you want to get your Doula career off to the right start. You're in exactly the right place. Now let's do this!

There is no more comprehensive curriculum anywhere in the country!

Pregnancy and the Prenatal Period

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • The pregnant body
  • What to expect throughout pregnancy
  • How birth impacts the postpartum experience
  • How to consult with clients prenatally to be prepared to serve them postpartum

Care of the Parent and Family

  • What to expect in pregnancy postpartum period and how to assist in a smooth transition
  • Different learning and care styles of parents and how to work effectively with all of them
  • Nutrition for the pregnant and postpartum parent
  • Supporting physical, psychological, and emotional healing for the birthing parent and partner
  • Working as a team with partners
  • Meal planning and preparation- presented by our Certified Holistic Health Coach
  • Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders- how to screen, refer, and support our client- presented by the Director and Psychologist of the Women's Reproductive Mental Health and Wellness Program at the St. Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute
  • Understanding birth trauma and the impact of the birth experience on postpartum adjustment
  • Cultural Competency- working with families of color and LGBTQ families

Care of the Baby

  • The baby's experience during all stages of labor
  • Hospital, birth center, and home procedures after delivery
  • Newborn Care- holding, bathing, swaddling, diapering
  • All major healthcare organization recommendations 
  • Cues- hunger, sleep, communication
  • Soothing the infant Gentle and healthy sleep, common sleep beliefs amongst future clients
  • Happiest Baby on the Block and Infant Massage
  • Cord care, intact care, circumcision care Setting up a safe sleep environment
  • Managing nighttime duty for Postpartum work
  • The science behind skin to skin and practical execution
  • Supporting the Magical Hour
  • Development and milestones Introducing solids Signs of distress and illness Issues such as colic, reflux, gas, allergies

Infant Feeding

  • Advanced breastfeeding 
  • Benefits of breastmilk
  • Latch assessment exercises and skill building with an IBCLC and CLC
  • Positioning and ergonomics
  • Creating a comfortable feeding environment for you clients
  • Supply and Demand and how to assist your client in maximizing supply
  • Breastfeeding challenges- mastitis, clogged ducts, thrush, lip/tongue tie, etc
  • Formula selection, preparation, safety, and use
  • Bottle feeding using a paced feeding method
  • Variety of feeding options- formula feeding, exclusive pumping, SNS use, chest feeding, combo
  • feeding, and donor milk use
  • Inducing lactation and re-lactation
  • When to refer out for issues and how to support the lactation plan of care
  • Assisting the parent in preparing to return to work
  • Breastmilk storage, preparation
  • Pumps and parts knowledge, testing, and teaching the parent

Safety, Babywearing, and Car Seats

  • Universal precautions during birth
  • Universal precautions for birth and postpartum work
  • Babywearing Safety
  • Baby Carrier Selection
  • Babywearing positioning that supports hip health, spine health, and airway safety
  • Newborn appropriate carrier use and selection
  • Supporting manufacturer recommendations
  • Breastfeeding while babywearing
  • Car seat safety and recommendations
  • Home safety and assisting in baby proofing
  • Assisting in setting up a safe sleep environment- crib, a co-sleeper, or bed sharing environment
  • In depth look at SIDS stats, risks, and guidelines

Plus! Bonus!

 24/7 Access to our Online Beginner's Business & Marketing Workshop ($200 value!)

Starting your business or practice
Legal considerations
Business and marketing plans
Funding, bootstrapping, and budgeting for your business
Self employment, Independent contracting, working with an agency
Marketing your business
Branding yourself and your practice
Websites, social media, email list building, and outreach
The most important tools you need to get clients
Networking, relationship-building, and getting referrals
Scheduling, contracts, and nailing the interview
Scope of practice
Business and practice ethics
Conflict resolution
Documentation and record keeping
Insurance and protecting your practice
Self care for YOU!