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St. Louis' one of a kind parent community, educational space, eco-play club, and child enrichment center for ages 0-6!

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For a detailed class descriptions, click on the class you'd like to learn more about.

Members: Members are not required to register or rsvp for classes unless noted (see key). We are working on getting you imported into the new system, at which time you'll be able to register without being asked to pay for the class. Thanks for your patience!

Non Members: All classes are open to non-members for winter. Pricing is listed in the event. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged, as Members and Pre-Registered non-members receive seating priority. Non-member Drop Ins may be turned away upon arrival if the class is at capacity.

Open 7 Days a Week! Monday-Friday 9:15-4 and Saturday-Sunday 9-1

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Please note: We are working with a brand new scheduling system.
If you have trouble registering or hit a snag, email us or call (314) 332-2582 and we'll get you signed up!

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Cedarworks Play Structure

Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers can climb through, slide, and even hide out in our splinter-free and eco-friendly Cedarworks indoor climbing gym and playhouse.


Montessori-Inspired Toys

We have carefully selected a wide variety of Montessori and Montessori-inspired works, and open ended activities, toys, animals, puzzles, blocks, and instruments that your child can independently explore.


Parent Community

Enjoy adult conversation in our inclusive parent and caregiver community, where everyone knows you by name and everyone accepts you for you!


Arts & Crafts On Demand

A self serve art area is always ready for your child's creativity. It is always well stocked with crayons, colored pencils, markers, edible paint, eco-dough, coloring pages, and other supplies for your little artist!


Lots of Wheels

If your child loves things that go vroom, we have an entire shelf of trains, cars, trucks, planes, and more. They can even build out a train track throughout the play space or do so on the train table.


Child Enrichment That Delights

Whether you have a baby, toddler, or preschooler, our classes provide everything they need to grow, create, and be inspired.


Pretend and Imaginative Play

Children practice life skills through role playing and pretend with our child-sized cleaning set, play kitchen, dolls, baby carrier, crib, as well as plenty of fun costumes, capes, and dress up items. 


Infant Toys

We have plenty of baby-friendly toys such as baby gyms, wooden fine motor toys, balls, imbucare boxes, busy boards, sensory toys, and more. We also have carriers feeding pillows, and more for caregivers to use.


Baby & Me Classes

Perfect for maternity/paternity leave, stay at home parents, or caregivers with babies, we always have plenty to do for newborns on up!


Gross Motor and Movement

Our gross motor activities are perfect for crawlers through preschoolers, including our playground, balance beam, rock-a-boat, stairs, push toys, play tunnel, and Gonge Stones and Hilltops


We love to read!

Curl up in our reading nook with Mr. Bear, your little one, and lots of great books books that are regularly rotated out to keep the titles fresh, new, and interesting.

Children's Garden and Playspace

Our Children's Garden is accessible to members anytime, even off hours. It's wonderfully shady and complete with a climbing tree, swing, climbing ladder, dirt pit, sand box, mud kitchen, club house, gardening area, toys, trucks, sidewalk chalk, adult seating, logs to climb and hang out on, children's picnic tables, and plenty of shenanigans. 

We're always growing, just like you and your child!

At the Parenting Resources Play & Learn Club, there is always plenty to do, explore, and discover and we're always bringing in new enrichment opportunities to keep things interesting and add new challenges as your child grows.

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🌱 All Memberships are on a 30 day rolling basis, so you can sign up at anytime.
🌱 No contracts. Easy cancellation.
🌱 Your kiddos are the members so anyone can bring them!
🌱 And while you'll be set up on a monthly recurring charge, you can cancel at any time, as long as you give us a little heads up :)

If you have just one kiddo and they under 6 months of age, take 30% off of these prices using coupon code BABYCAKES


4 Monthly Visits

$47 per month
For up to 2 siblings


8 Monthly Visits

$74 per month
For up to 2 siblings

Play, Learn, & Grow
Unlimited Visits

$94 per month
For up to 2 siblings

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Give the gift of experiences!

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+ When can I come to visit? Should I call ahead?

Your first visit is free! We'll give you a tour, tell you more about our classes, you can relax, your kiddo play, and if there's a class going on, feel free to try it out, on us!

For a free tour, come by any Tuesdays- Fridays from 12-4 or any weekend between 10-12. No need to notify us ahead of time, just come on in!

Better yet, come Try-A-Day, on us! Sign up here and we'll send you a complimentary day pass, which gives you access to classes, play, and fun for a whole day!

+ Is the subscription by the month or 30 days?

You can join any day of the month and your month of membership is rolling for 30 days.

Your payment method will be automatically charged again in 30 days.

+ Do you clean the toys and equipment?

We go to great lengths to keep our space as clean as possible, including the toys and equipment. We typically clean with a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar with a small amount of essential oil such a tree tea oil or lavendar.

We do ask everyone that if a toy ends up in your child's mouth or nose, to please place it in the dirty toy bin when the child is finished with it to ensure full sanitation.

If you see something that is not properly cleaned, broken, or not secure, please alert a staff member so the issue can be resolved.

+ Can I drop off my child? Can my babysitter or another caregiver bring them?

We do require a caregiver to be with your child at all times. Our classes are not drop off. However, any family member, babysitter, or other approved caregiver can bring your child, as long as you've included them in your list of approved caregivers in your account. *Check out our new GO Parent-Parents monring out coming in September!

+ Can I bring a friend's child or other family member? Can I share a membership with another family?

Memberships cannot be shared with friends or children that are not in your immediate family. However, we'd love for your nephew, cousin, or friend to join so that they can join in the fun too!

+ What if I don't use my days? Can I recieve a refund?

Unfortunately, similar to other member based programs, there are no refunds permitted.

+ What is the sick policy?

We ask that members not come if they or their child have had a fever, green mucus, vomiting, or any clear signs of illness within the past 48 hours. We have many newborns and children with developing immune systems who visit and we would like to keep illnesses from here to a minimum!

In order to protect all of our members, we do reserve the right to ask you or your child to come back another day if we see clear signs of illness.

+ Can we bring snacks or lunch? Is this an allergen free business?

We do have a no food policy expect for breastmilk, formula, or closeable drinks. This is to keep small babies and kids with allergies safe. However, students are welcomed to eat their snacks outside and come back after it is finished.

The expect to the no food policy is for multiple hour and all day classes.

That being said, while we try to reduce the risk for allergencs, we do not claim to be allergen free space.

+ How do I upgrade, change, or cancel by membership?

We ask for 7 days notice so that we can make the proper changes in our system. You can do this by contacting us by email, phone, or in person.

+ Do you close for holidays or other events?

We do typically close one weekend per quarter to host a professional training and we do close for National Holidays, since we encourage a healthy work-life-family balance for our staff.

We do not credit or adjust memberships due to the above closures, as they are figured into our overall pricing model.

+ What are the Play & Learn Club hours?

We are now open 7 days a week! Monday-Friday 9:15-4pm and Saturday-Sunday 9-1!

We do have some classes during off hours that are open to members and are indicated on the calendar and class lists.

For a free tour, come by any Tuesdays- Fridays from 12-4 or any weekend between 10-12. No need to notify us ahead of time, just come on in!

Better yet, come Try-A-Day, on us! Sign up here and we'll send you a complimentary day pass, which gives you access to classes, play, and fun for a whole day!

+ If I am not interested in a particular class can my child still come to play?

Absolutely! As long as it is during open Play & Learn Club hours, you can come for open play, even, if there is a class going on.

+ I have an infant and a toddler/preschooler. Can I bring both children to classes, even if the particular class isn't geared toward one's age group ?

Definitely! What's cool about our space is that your child is always in view and there's plenty to do. If you're enjoying a music class with your infant, your toddler or presschooler can be playing on the playgym or building am epic train track. And chances are there will be other kids for them to interact with as well.

And if you need a baby holder or kiddo wrangler, our staff is here to help with both! Just let us know how we can help!

+ What are the rules, regulations, and waiver that I'll be agreeing to upon sign up?

We'll include a link again to them when you sign up, but you can read the Rules and Terms of Service here anytime!