Have you always had a special passion for babies and new Moms? Do you find yourself constantly immersed in learning about topics related to newborns or postpartum life? Are you the person that your friends always turn to when they've had a new baby and don't know what to do?

What if you could take that knowledge, passion, and skill and turn it into a career? What if this career could mean financial independence, working for yourself, choosing the clients you want to work with and making your own schedule? And what if this career could mean that you are making a deeply meaningful impact in the lives of new families in your community? 

Postpartum Doula work is a highly rewarding, profitable, and flexible field that is PERFECT for anyone who loves to help new families and babies.

So what is a Postpartum Doula, anyway?

A Certified Postpartum Doula is considered an all around ADVANCED support person for a family with a new baby. They support all facets of the new family, from breastfeeding support to newborn care. They are not focused solely on the baby, but on the client, partner, sibling, home, and everything that goes into the family transitioning well into their new roles. You are not left alone with the baby to “babysit.” You are there to work within the family system.

Here are just a few of the roles that you may fill (and don't worry, we teach you how to do ALL OF THIS!):

• Helping get breastfeeding off to the right start

• Teaching proper upright bottle feeding

• Assisting with pumping

• Setting up an environment conducive to postpartum healing

• Night shifts caring for the baby while the family sleeps

• Night shifts bringing the baby to the client for feeds

• Light laundry or meal prep to allow the family bonding time

• Providing and teaching the family everything they need to know about newborn care

• Alerting families to red flags or warning signs if an issue presents itself

• Pediatrician or OBGYN appointment accompaniment

• Integrating healthy sleep habits into the family’s routine

• Helping the client process their birth and postpartum experience while providing support and acceptance

• And much more!

Become a Parenting Resources
Certified Postpartum Doula

If you've read this far, it's obvious that you're ready to take it to the next level. Maybe you're hoping to make more income. Maybe you're in this field in another capacity but would like to be more competitive and get more work. Maybe you'd like for clients to be confident in your training and skill set because they know that you're Certified by one of the leading education organizations in the country.  We commend you for taking the next step and pursuing Certification!

We designed this comprehensive course to fill a need. We were hiring Postpartum Doulas to work at our parenting center. We had applicants who were trained by several of the major certifying bodies. We were SHOCKED to find out how lacking these trainings were...

1-2 day courses?!? Zero or almost zero training on life or death topics like SIDS, airway safety, and car seat safety?!? Almost ZERO hands on training on essential skills?!? Almost ZERO training on how to get going in business and in the field?!? These so called "trainings" were almost like mini intro courses NOT certifying courses. It was clear that many of these organizations were simply focusing on birth and postpartum work was an afterthought. 

So we got to work and put together a truly COMPREHENSIVE course that would give ANYONE the fundamental tools and hands on skills they needed to start in this line of work, even if they had never cared for a baby in their lives. 

How our program is different (and how your clients can tell the difference!):

  • SKILLS SKILLS SKILLS!! In addition to a written test, we require skills assessment passage- we make sure our doulas know what they're doing and we keep working with them until they've mastered every skill they need to be an amazing doula right out of the gate
  • Real life people- We bring in real life babies and Moms for important modules like breastfeeding. Because learning how to access latch in 2D or in a book is NOT going to help you or your clients. You need to see real life people and get real life practice in assisting a real life person.
  • Mentorship- Your instructors are available after your training to provide guidance, mentorship, resources, and helps throughout your career. You'll also be a part of our Professional Network, where you'll have access to other grads from around the country, get invitations to networking groups and other opportunities to collaborate, learn, and grow.
  • Immediate Certification- As long as you have met all of the requirements and have passed all tests, you leave our training as a Certified Postpartum Doula. That means that you can start working right away!
  • Amazing business training- most trainings spend about 10 minutes on helping you get the business end of things off to the right start. We're going to give you an entire masterclass on it. For free. We're in the process of restructuring and adding to it and will be relaunching it, with even more content than before, soon and you'll have full access to it. 
  • Affordable (and free!) continuing education- we offer tons of free business trainings for our grads throughout the year as well as plenty of in person and online continuing education, that we always discount for our grads. However, we also encourage our students to get CEUS from a variety of places and don't heavily restrict what and where you get it, like most other certifying organizations do. 
  • Referral Network- Grads are immediately a part of our referral network where we help to connect you to families looking for their perfect Doula! We're also working on rolling out a searchable directory page of grads on our website where families can find out all about you and book an interview with you with a click of a button!

What are the requirements for Certification?

1.) Parenting Resources Certified Postpartum Doulas pass a comprehensive written exam to ensure that they have a solid grasp on current recommendation, evidence-based data, and the foundational knowledge to be exemplary care providers.

2.) They then pass a rigorous hands-on in person skills assessment where they show instructors that they have mastery of all essential newborn care skills.=

3.) All Parenting Resources trainees must provide a BLS for healthcare providers (or equivalent) card in order to be certified

4.) Doulas must complete 100% of all online content, if applicable, and complete all comprehension quizzes to verify that they are completing the modules. They must attend all portions of the in person training and may not miss more than 15 minutes cumulatively throughout the training. 

4.) All Certified Postpartum Doulas are required to take 30 hours of continuing education (CEUS) every 3 years to maintain their Certification, ensuring that they remain up to date on the most current of recommendations, methods, and trends of newborn care. Parenting Resources schedules many in person and online opportunities for continuing education every year and there are many classes and conferences locally and nationally that fulfill these requirements.

No training program in the country offers a more comprehensive curriculum. See the difference for yourself...

Care of the Newborn

Hospital, birth center, and home procedures after delivery
How to hold a baby ergonomically
The benefits and secrets to great swaddling
Disposable and cloth diapering fundamentals
All major healthcare organization recommendations
Responding to a baby's cues- hunger, sleep, communication, and more
How to care for a sick baby and when to call the healthcare provider
Bulb suctioning and taking a temperature
Supporting skin to skin, kangaroo care, and magical hour
Soothing the infant
Gentle and healthy sleep and common client sleep beliefs
Happiest Baby on the Block
Infant Massage
Cord care, intact care, circumcision care
Managing nighttime duty
Development and milestones
Introducing solids
Signs of distress and illness Issues such as respiratory distress, colic, reflux, gas, allergies

Infant Feeding

Advanced breastfeeding
Benefits of breastmilk
Latch assessment exercises and skill building with an IBCLC and CLC
Positioning and ergonomics
Creating a comfortable feeding environment for you clients
Supply and Demand and how to assist your client in maximizing supply
Breastfeeding challenges- mastitis, clogged ducts, thrush, lip/tongue tie, etc
Formula selection, preparation, safety, and use
Bottle feeding using a paced feeding method
Formula feeding, exclusive pumping, SNS use, chest feeding, combo feeding, and donor milk use
Inducing lactation and re-lactation
When to refer out for issues and how to support the lactation plan of care
Assisting the parent in preparing to return to work
Breastmilk storage, preparation
Pumps and parts knowledge, testing, and teaching the parent

Safety, Babywearing, and Car Seats

Universal precautions
Babywearing Safety
Babywearing positioning that supports hip health, spine health, and airway safety
Newborn appropriate carrier use and selection
Supporting manufacturer recommendations
Breastfeeding while babywearing
Car seat safety, installation skills, proper use, and recommendations
Home safety and assisting in baby proofing
Assisting in setting up a safe sleep environment- crib, a co-sleeper, or bed sharing environment
In depth look at SIDS stats, risks, and guidelines

Care of the Parent and Families

What to expect in pregnancy postpartum period and how to assist in a smooth transition
Different learning and care styles of parents and how to work effectively with all of them
Nutrition for the pregnant and postpartum parent
Supporting physical, psychological, and emotional healing for the birthing parent and partner
Working as a team with partners
Meal planning and preparation- presented by our Certified Holistic Health Coach
Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders- how to screen, refer, and support the client
Understanding birth trauma and the impact of the birth experience on postpartum adjustment
Cultural Competency- working with families of color and LGBTQ families
Ethics, privacy, and confidentiality

Launch Your Birth + Baby Business E-Course
from BirthYourBabyBusiness.com


Scope of practice
Pricing, competition, and how to value yourself
Branding and Marketing Fundamentals
The most important marketing tools you need to get clients
Who is your ideal client and how do you attract them?
Nailing your interview
Documentation and record keeping
Self employment, Independent contracting, and working with an agency
Going above and beyond for client satisfaction
Business and practice ethics
Conflict resolution
Insurance and protecting yourself
Self care for YOU!


Upcoming Training Dates

St. Louis, Missouri

November 6-10, 2017

Comprehensive Postpartum Doula Training- Hybrid
20 Hours Online ~ 20 Hours In Person
Launch Your Birth + Baby Business E-Course ($299 value)



Have questions? Need a customized payment plan? Please contact kate@parentingresources.org or call us at (314) 332-2582 - If you'd prefer to send a check or bring cash to register, we're at 3801 Wyoming Street


Classes Held at:
Parenting Resources
3801 Wyoming Street
St. Louis, MO 63116

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Meet Your Lead Instructors

Kathy Underwood Loughren, MSN, ARNP, IBCLC

Kathy has been a neonatal expert for well over 30 years, serving as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner and Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She has worked around the country in NICUs, as well as serving as an expert legal witness on neonatal cases, and sees clients throughout St. Louis as a Lactation Consultant. She has attended well over 10,000 births and continues to work clinically in the St. Louis area. She is the co-founder of Parenting Resources, the Premier Education and Support Center for New and Expectant Parents and the Professionals who serve them. She is known as a gifted speaker, teacher, and excellent bedside clinician, along with being seen as a professional who cares for and includes families in their baby's care. While she impacts the lives of babies and caregivers in her practice and teaching, she also brings her vast knowledge and passion to students as a lead instructor in the Parenting Resources Professional Network certification programs including Postpartum Doulas, Birth Doulas, Newborn Care Specialists, Perinatal Health Educators, and Babywearing Specialists throughout the country and online. 

Kate Schnetzer, MHA, CPD, CBE, CLC, CPST

Kate holds as Masters in Health Administration and is a Certified Babywearing Educator, Lactation Counselor, Postpartum Doula, Child Passenger Safety Technician, and holds Certifications in Child Welfare and has been trained by Postpartum Support International. She has been serving families for over 10 years and is the co-founder of Parenting Resources, the Premier Education and Support Center for New and Expectant Parents and the Professionals who serve them. She is a business and marketing guru while also sees dozens of private babywearing consulting clients each week. She also brings her babywearing, safety, and business expertise to students as a lead instructor for the Parenting Resources Professional Network certification programs including Postpartum Doulas, Birth Doulas, Perinatal Health Educators, and Babywearing Specialists throughout the country and online.

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