The Power of Skin to Skin & Babywearing

For birth and baby workers


There is overwhelming evidence that skin to skin contact, or Kangaroo Care, is beneficial for both the term and preterm infant. It can directly impact the breastfeeding experience and promote closer physical and emotional bonding between baby and parent. In the postpartum period, the use of a baby carrier can facilitate bonding, reduce crying, and increase caregiver confidence. 

We've found, in our years of practice, that many birth and baby providers are simply not sure how to competently communicate to clients the benefits of these practices, how to help their clients succeed in practicing skin to skin, or they are simply giving outdated and unsafe advice, as recommendations have drastically changed over the years.

Join leading mother-daughter baby kangaroo care experts, Kathy and Kate, to gain unprecedented insight, experience, and mastery of this vital practice that is finally re-emerging in Western culture.  

Maybe you've heard that before. But do you know what the evidence actually says? Can you explain the benefits to a client or colleague? Kathy Loughren, MSN, ARNP, IBCLC, 30+ year baby expert, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, and Lactation Consultant will take learners through an in depth exploration of WHY skin to skin is so powerful and HOW we know. You'll be amazed to learn about the physiologic and psychologic effects of Kangaroo Care and and how a simple practical approach to using carriers right after birth in the hospital, birth center, home, and NICU setting can make a difference in the lives of your clients.

Kathy Schnetzer, MHA, CBE, CLC, CPST, St. Louis' foremost Certified Babywearing Educator will then explore how skin to skin can benefit infants and caregivers in the postpartum period and beyond and in a variety of facets. You'll learn how to talk to clients about the importance of best practice and keeping the baby safe and how to ensure airway protection and how to use a carrier with spine and hip health in mind.

You'll get hands-on experience in learning the latest best practices with the most common styles of kangaroo care supplies and baby carriers your clients use including kangaroo shirts, stretchy wraps, woven wraps, ring slings, and buckle carriers. You'll also learn about how clients can select carriers that are developmentally appropriate for their child's age and stage and which positions can be utilized at what time. 

You'll also learn more about the benefits, practicalities, and challenges of breastfeeding in a carrier, which will have your clients celebrating your awesomeness, as most never knew such a thing was possible!

Whether you're a doula, midwife, lactation consultant, nurse, social worker, or nanny- this class is a great opportunity for learning, continuing ed credits (we've applied for CERPS!), and connection with colleagues in your field.

You'll also go home with a helpful beautiful laminated babywearing cheat sheet that highlights the most important safety and positioning points, that is great for your doula bag or to hang near your desk for easy reference. 

Lap babies are welcomed.

Upcoming St. Louis Dates:

October 19th & 20th, 2017 6-9pm
6 CERPS Applied for

Class Location:

Parenting Resources
3801 Wyoming Street
St. Louis, MO 63116
(314) 332-2582

Plenty of free street parking available!


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