Babywearing for Birth and Baby Workers

Babywearing for Birth and Baby Workers



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While babywearing, or carrying an infant with a carrier, has been an essential tool for parents throughout all of recorded history, western culture has mostly lost this practice over the past 100-200 years. However, there is now a resurgence of this practice. With this remergence,

Topics discussed

The Science

Attachment and bonding and facilitation through carrier use
Kangaroo care the benefits for preemies and special needs babies
Psychological and physiological benefits of skin to skin
And exploration of the science in regards to babyweraing


CPSIA safety reports and what makes a carrier "safe"
The biggest safety risks in regards to carrier use and how to communicate these to clients
Rules and guidelines for safe use with newborns
Preventing positional asphixiation
Fall risk and preventing falls


Anatomy and physicology pertinet to carrier use
Developmental stages of the hips and spine
What the data says about
Ideal positioning of infants through toddlers
Suboptimal positioning and possible ramifications
Increasing comfort for baby and caregiver


Hands on exploration of 



Students will go home armed with evidence-based knoweldge to be able to provide e