Certified Newborn Nanny- Hybrid Course


Certified Newborn Nanny- Hybrid Course

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The Parenting Resources'
Certified Newborn Nanny Course

So you've decided to take your career to the next level. Maybe you're hoping to make more income. Maybe you'd like to be more competitive and get more work. Maybe you'd like for clients to be confident in your training and skill set because they know that you're Certified by one of the leading education organizations in the country.  We commend you for taking the next step and pursuing Certification!

The Hybrid version of the course is the best of both worlds- online and in person. Students learn at their own pace and on their own schedule on our easy to use online platform, which is a combination of lectures and demonstration videos. Students then come together for an intensive hands on skills training where they learn every fundamental skill they'll need to impress their clients right from the start. 

What are the requirements for Certification?

1.) Parenting Resources Certified Newborn Nannies pass a comprehensive written exam to ensure that they have a solid grasp on current recommendation, evidence-based data, and the foundational knowledge to be exemplary care providers.

2.) They then pass a rigorous hands-on in person skills assessment where they show instructors that they have mastery of all essential newborn care skills.

3.) All Parenting Resources trainees must provide a BLS for healthcare providers (or equivalent) card in order to be certified

4.) All Certified Newborn Nannies are required to take 30 hours of continuing education every 3 years to maintain their Certification, ensuring that they remain up to date on the most current of recommendations, methods, and trends of newborn care. Parenting Resources schedules many in person and online opportunities for continuing education every year and there are many classes and conferences locally and nationally that fulfill these requirements.

No training program in the country offers a more comprehensive curriculum. See the difference for your yourself...

Care of the Newborn

How to hold a baby ergonomically
The benefits and secrets to great swaddling
Disposable and cloth diapering fundamentals
All major healthcare organization recommendations
Responding to a baby's cues- hunger, sleep, communication, and more
How to care for a sick baby and when to call the healthcare provider
Bulb suctioning and taking a temperature
Soothing the infant
Gentle and healthy sleep and common client sleep beliefs
Happiest Baby on the Block
Infant Massage
Cord care, intact care, circumcision care
Managing nighttime duty
Development and milestones
Introducing solids
Signs of distress and illness Issues such as colic, reflux, gas, allergies

Infant Feeding

Awareness of all  feeding options- breastfeeding, formula feeding, exclusive pumping, SNS use, chest feeding, combo feeding, and donor milk use
Bottle feeding using a paced feeding method
Breastmilk storage, preparation, and handling
Bottle types, storage, cleaning, and more
How to burp a baby effectively

Safety, Babywearing, and Car Seats

Universal precautions
Babywearing Safety
Babywearing positioning that supports hip health, spine health, and airway safety
Newborn appropriate carrier use and selection
Supporting manufacturer recommendations
Breastfeeding while babywearing
Car seat safety, installation skills, proper use, and recommendations
Home safety and assisting in baby proofing
Assisting in setting up a safe sleep environment- crib, a co-sleeper, or bed sharing environment
In depth look at SIDS stats, risks, and guidelines

Working with Clients

Different learning styles of parents and how to work effectively with all of them
Cultural Competency- working with families of color and LGBTQ families


Build Your Baby Biz Masterclass- Launching Soon!

The ultimate easy to follow guide to getting your baby business off to the right start so you can be legit, attract your ideal clients, and turn them into your adoring rabid fans!

Scope of practice
Pricing, competition, and how to value yourself
Marketing yourself and your Certification
The most important marketing tools you need to get clients
Who is your ideal client and how do you attract them?
Nailing your interview
How to prepare for a new client
Documentation and record keeping
Self employment, Independent contracting, and working with an agency
Going above and beyond for client satisfaction
Business and practice ethics
Conflict resolution
Insurance and protecting yourself
Self care for YOU!

TLC Nanny Exclusive Hybrid Training


August 9th and 10th from 5pm-9pm
Special TLC Price- $249 per person

Classes Held at:
Parenting Resources
3801 Wyoming Street
St. Louis, MO 63116

5 Easy Steps To Register:
1.) Checkout by selecting the date, add to cart, complete the form, and check out with your preferred payment method
2.) Go to elearning.parentingresources.org and click the purple "Sign Up" button in the right hand corner
3.) Follow the prompts, but DO NOT attempt to enroll in any specific courses and DO NOT provide any credit card information in this part of the process. We will be manually adding students.
4.) Within 48 business hours, you'll be added to the online course, where you will have access the the online portion of the curriculum
5.) Plan to attend both days of the in person training

Have questions? Need a customized payment plan? Please contact kate@parentingresources.org or call us at (314) 332-2582
If you'd prefer to send a check or bring cash to register, we're at 3801 Wyoming Street

Interested in becoming a Certified Postpartum Doula too?

We're hosting a special FAST TRACK HYBRID ADD ON CLASS just for you so you can pursue a second Certification!

September 13-14, 2017 from 5pm-9pm

Postpartum Doula Training Fast Track
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