PRtv Tips: 5 Easy Alternatives to "No"

Is there anything inherently wrong with the word "no?"


But we try to reduce the frequency of using the word "no" with our kids for a couple of reasons.

1. Using NO over and over and over again all day simply dilutes the effectiveness of the word "no." So when you really need that word to mean something, it doesn't. 

2. Using direct language to tell the child what you want them to do is always more effective then telling them what not to do. This is true for adults, to!

3. If we can give them an opportunity to make the right choice, we start to give them the awesome opportunity to do something good and have us catch them doing something good! We get them in the habit of making the right choices!

In today's PRtv Tips, Kate shows 5 easy alternatives to "No." 

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Kate SchnetzerComment