Are you struggling with lactation, feeding, or babywearing?

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Why get feeding help?

Sure, breastfeeding is natural. But it doesn't always come naturally to many of us. When caregivers start having challenges, they often wait far too long to get the help they need. Maybe it's because they saw a Lactation Consultant in the hospital and got the thumbs up. Maybe someone told you that it's normal for nursing to hurt. Maybe it's because they've had negative experiences lactation professionals in the past. Maybe someone said something that instilled doubts about your ability to breastfeed successfully. Maybe you don't want to exclusively breastfeeding but want to do a combination or something else entirely. Maybe it's because they just don't know that there is help out there. 

Our Lactation services are inclusive, practical, uplifting, and goal oriented. We base our services around YOUR feeding goals, whatever they may be. You Lactation Professional is part of your team and is there to help you feed more comfortably, help your baby gain weight, to provide education about lactation basics that will help you in your journey, but most importantly she's there to HELP YOU ROCK YOUR PARENTING JOURNEY. You'll leave your appointment feeling like you have a practical, easy to follow plan of action and that you have a cheerleader in your corner to help you along the way.

Our Lactation team has decades of experience in:

Feeding after breast or chest surgery | Feeding after Cesarean or traumatic birth | Feeding while Babywearing | Chestfeeding | Engorgement | Exclusive pumping | Induced lactation/relactation | Jaundice | Latching difficulties/breast avoidance | LGBTQI families | Low milk supply | Mastitis | Medically Complex Infants | Medications and breastfeeding | Nipple pain, cracks, blisters, inverted nipples | Oversupply | Premature and late preterm infants | Pumping and milk storage | Supplementation | Tandem nursing | Thrush | Weaning- Parent-led and Baby-led

Menu of Feeding Services

Comprehensive Lactation Consultation


$150- Out of Network Office Visits
$180- Out of Network In Home Visits (plus mileage outside of St. Louis City)

**We are temporarily only accepting self- pay clients. We will begin accepting insurance covered clients in early fall

We will provide a Superbill for you to submit to your insurer for out of network reimbursement, but we do not guarantee any reimbursement and recommend that you contact your insurance company before booking your appointment to review your out of network benefits for seeing a Nurse Practitioner for feeding issues

Our Lactation Consultation is the gold standard in breastfeeding services. You will meet with our International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who is also a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, who still practices in NICUs in St. Louis and Florida and serves as an expert consultant for organizations nationwide. She will perform a health history and physical assessment of parent and baby, including infant oral and neuromuscular assessment. She will observe parent and baby feeding, and assist with any positioning, latch, or other issues that may help improve feeding sessions and milk transfer. She perform a pre and post feed weight, if the issue warrants this. She will help you optimize feeding techniques and is able to manage more complex situations and concerns. She will work closely with you to define your feeding goals and help to create an easy to understand and practical care plan. She will communicate with your primary provider/s as needed and will make any necessary community or healthcare referrals.

Appointments may last anywhere from 1-2 hours, depending on your needs. A 30 minute phone follow up is included within a week after the appointment. While many of our clients will only need one session to get off on the right foot, we will recommend follow up appointments for some clients, depending on the care plan, which range from $90-$125 per out of network session. Payment is required during booking to secure your appointment.

Infant Feeding Consultation

$125- Out of Network Office Visit
$165- Out of Network Home Visit (plus mileage)

The #1 rule of parenting a baby is... feed the baby!

No matter how a caregiver wants to feed their baby, we support you! Whether you need help with an exclusive pumping plan, supplementation plan, day weaning support and guidance, creating a night weaning plan, formula preparation help, bottle feeding introduction and lesson, or any other feeding related questions, we're here to help!

Kathy, 30+ year baby expert and Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, has helped with every feeding issue under the sun from micro preemies to toddlers, and she can help you to overcome any challenges that you may be facing, while giving you the confidence in all of your future feeding! This appointment typically lasts around an hour, depending on the presenting concern.

We do recommend bringing any other primary caregivers with you to this appointment if possible.

We do not currently accept insurance for this type of appointment but will provide a Superbill for out of network reimbursement. However, we cannot guarantee reimbursement. Payment is required during booking to secure your appointment.

Back to Work Consultation

$125- Out of Network Office Visit
$165- Out of Network Home Visit (plus mileage)

The days are too quickly approaching... it's time to return to work. This can be a bittersweet time for new parents. One of the biggest stressors for breastfeeding caregivers is how they are going to juggle pumping, feeding, bottles, and maintaining their supply. Kathy, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner/IBCLC, and 30+ year baby expert, who also breastfed and pumped for her babies while working grueling 24 hour hospital shifts, can help ease some of that stress. She will help to create an easy to follow and reasonable plan (based on YOUR goals) to build a freezer stash, increase supply if needed, will familiarize you with your pump and check it for function and fit, will discuss proper storage, handling, and preparation, will demonstrate paced bottle feeding techniques,  and help to introduce a bottle if that hasn't been done yet, and will discuss your legal rights within the state of Missouri. Moms tell us that this truly helped their transition going back to work. Feel free to bring a partner, caregiver, nanny, or sitter if you'd like to them to learn proper breastmilk handling and feeding. 

We do not currently accept insurance for this type of appointment but will provide a Superbill for out of network reimbursement. However, we cannot guarantee reimbursement. Payment is required during booking to secure your appointment.

Menu of Babywearing Consulting Services

Infant Babywearing Consultations

Choose this appointment is you are an expectant parent or caregiver of a baby 6 months of age or under or if your older baby has special needs


$100-Office visit
$200- Home visit

We make babywearing easy, understandable, fun, and personalized to your lifestyle!

We do not live in a culture that has passed down babywearing through the generations. Carrier options are vast and many in big box stores are not ergonomic or comfortable. Many parents are left feeling overwhelmed when researching carrier options or how to use them. There is truly no substitute for one on one instruction with a knowledgeable and caring mentor. Our goal is to give parents and caregivers specialized instruction, in our beautiful parenting center so that they can become more proficient and confident in carrying their baby. We work closely with our clients to ensure we fully understand their particular needs so that we can provide the tools necessary for stress free success!

This is the gold standard in babywearing help. This is ideal for caregivers aren't sure where to start when it comes to babywearing, how to choose a carrier, or how to ensure optimal safety with their child or caregivers who have a carrier or multiple carriers that they're not sure how to use properly or safely. 

Topics covered may include:

  • The many benefits of using a carrier (great for skeptical partners or grandparents)
  • Planning and implementation of early and ongoing skin to skin and/or Kangaroo Care
  • Optimal positioning
  • Hip & spine development and how to best support it with your carrier
  • Safety- airway, breathing, positioning, how to identify that the carrier or carry is safe and secure
  • Carrier party! If you choose, we'll try on several styles of carriers including woven wraps, ring slings, and soft structured carriers to see what may work best for you and your baby
  • Types of carriers ideal for your baby's current and future developmental stages
  • How to increase your comfort level
  • New carries- you will master 1-2 new carries, dependent on your carrier type
  • Troubleshoot any challenges you've been having with your carrier
  • Safe carrier use for families with special concerns such as premature babies, babies with medical diagnosis, babies with hip dysplasia, parents with disabilities or mobility restrictions, and more. 

Babywearing Consultation for Older Babies and Toddlers

Choose this appointment is you are a caregiver of a baby over 6 months of age

$75- Office Visit
$175- Home Visit

Wearing a newborn often brings images and memories of snuggles, bonding, coos, and kissing your baby's little head. Wearing an older baby or toddler becomes a matter of practicality, utility, and survival. You need to be able to shop, travel, hike, chase other kids, and do a million tasks at once and the use of carrier makes that possible. 

In this consultation our Certified Babywearing Educator, Kate, helps you conquer this essential parenting tool so that you can wear safely and comfortably for as long as you and your child would like to. 

This appointment is typically personalized based on the age of the child, carrier/s being used, and goals, some of the things that may be covered:

  • Learning to hip carry
  • Learning to back carry
  • Getting your carrier comfortable
  • Ensuring optimal fit and use in your carrier
  • Minimizing fall risk as your child grows
  • Learning strategies to keep cool with carrying.
  • Feeding in a carrier and on the go
  • Determining weight and height limits for your carrier
  • Trying on other carrier styles suited for older babies and toddlers