Bringing your baby home doesn't have to be stressful. The Baby Prep Squad, Certified Baby Experts, Lactation Pros, and Doulas, come to you to provide one of a kind services to families throughout St. Louis.

Stop stressing. Stop guessing. Stop getting bad advice from the internet. Get practical, non-judgmental, expert help so that you can meet YOUR goals.


The Parenting Resources Baby Prep Squad Provides 

Lactation, Infant Feeding, and Pumping Support

Newborn Care Education, Safety Assessments,
Bonding Facilitation


Car Seat Installation, Home and Sleep Safety Consultation, and CPR + First Aid 


What sets a Parenting Resources Home Services Apart

Based Information and Support

Hands On and In The Comfort of Your Home

Non-Judgemental & Always Supportive of Your Choices

Only The Most Qualified Providers 

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The Baby Prep Squad


So you just left the hospital and had that "OMG they're just letting me leave with this baby?!?!"

You're probably feeling the stress of realizing that this baby care/new parent/postpartum thing is more than you anticipated and now you're just wondering if you're doing it right at all.

Parenting Resources has your back. Our Baby Prep Squad has the best Certified Newborn Specialist and Postpartum Doulas in St. Louis and we'll send one out to you STAT to get you feeling totally confident in your new parenting skills. We'll even give you the low down on postpartum adjustment and healing.

We'll spend a morning or afternoon (up to 4 hours) with you, being your sidekick, teaching and demonstrating everything you need to know about newborn and infant care, including:

  • Bathing, Diapering, and Cord Care
  • Swaddling + Happiest Baby on the Block
  • Babywearing and Baby Carrier Help
  • Basic lactation and pumping support 
  • Infant CPR (non certifying)
  • Car Seat Check, Installation, and Instruction

You'll also receive lifetime access to to our online Baby Prep Squad video portal so you'll have access to demonstration videos of everything you learned during your consultation. It's like having the Baby Prep Squad in your pocket 24/7.

$394 for up to 4 hours


Lactation + Infant Feeding Services

Breastfeeding is natural, but it sure doesn't seem to come naturally sometimes.

Breastfeeding should not:
🚫Be painful
🚫Cause cracks, bleeding, or blisters
🚫Be the bane of your entire existence

Bottle feeding, pumping, or combo feeding should not:
🚫Be stressful
🚫Be confusing
🚫Be the bane of your entire existence

Whether you need help getting the latch comfy, creating a pumping plan, transitioning to combination feeds, getting your baby to take a bottle, or even weaning all together, our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants are there to make your feeding journey, whatever it looks like for you, something that works for you and your family.

$200 for initial visit
$100 for follow up visits