Practical Positive Parenting

Practical Positive Parenting


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We provide court-friendly positive parenting classes that give parents with kids of all ages common-sense systems, practical solutions, and reasonable consequences in place to help make your parenting journey much easier. 

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Upcoming Days and Times: Dates TBA
Ideal Age Group: Parents of kids of all ages
Membership Requirements: None. This is an off hours class
Pricing: $89 for one person/ $139 per couple - Childcare Add On- 
Pre-Registration required: Yes. You must register at least 72 hours in advanced. Space is limited.
Can kids attend: Due to the nature of the workshop, we ask that mobile babies and children not attend. 

Workshop Description:

Are you tired of nagging, yelling, and feeling entirely helpless when it comes to parenting your child? Have you found yourself so frustrated that instead of parenting with control, you sometimes feel like you're the child and that they've somehow won? Do you wish that someone could just give you a system or plan that you could easily understand, take home, implement, and that would actually WORK?

Practical Positive Parenting is an evidence-based course in how to parent in a way that helps you to parent in the way that you always hoped to. This is not a class where we hold hands and bare our souls. It is a workshop where we talk about what our goals are and how we can achieve them. 

We help you to develop common-sense systems, practical solutions, and reasonable consequences in place to help make your parenting journey much easier. Not only will it make parenting easier for you, but it will make your child's childhood better! Rather than butting heads, you can work together for a common purpose- peace in the home.

Our Practical Positive Parenting approach is based on 2 experts in the parenting field, as well as our 50+ combined years of parenting education. First, the work of Alfred Adler, a world renowned psychologist and researcher who developed evidence-based systematic approaches to raising responsible, cooperative children. Many authors and programs have taken the principles presented by Alfred Adler, including the program second program in which has helped us develop our workshop- Positive Discipline, by Jane Nelsen, Ed.D. Her books have remained one of the foremost authorities on parenting since the early 80’s. Her program helps children develop self- discipline, responsibility, cooperation, and problem solving skills. 

All instructors have completed the Positive Discipline training program for instructors and have been trained in the Parenting Resources program, to be able to bring practical, common-sense strategies back to their children and families

More Information about our curriculum:

  • We provide *practical* systems and solutions to behavioral problems that parents that caregivers can take home and use immediately
  • Or curriculum uses examples, language, and situations relatable to today’s culture and problems
  • We use a mix of Powerpoint lectures, Q&A, open discussion, self exploration work, and roleplaying
  • Promotion of of discipline that focuses on solutions rather than logical consequences
  • Challenging the idea that children need to feel bad to do better
  • We emphasize kind and firm discipline without being permissive
  • We teach that non-punative, non-violent principles are ideal for domestic violence issues
  • We help adults in coming to their own understanding of how their child’s behavioral problems may be linked to their own behaviors or issues
  • This course is 8 hours and does include breaks to use the restroom and stretch your legs

Do you have questions about the curriculum or class? Please email us with questions.