Yoga Instructor

Position Overview: 

Parenting Resources is currently hiring a Yoga Instructor! We are seeking a responsible, outgoing, friendly, timely, self- starter who is able to manage one or two of our very unique classes with new Moms, older infants, toddlers and preschoolers. The class may be with caregivers present and/or drop-off.

WARNING: Our classes are not your typical yoga classes. At all. You must be flexible, fun loving, and laid back- our. Our classes tend to be a little loud, and may have kids running and climbing things during class. If you can't see yourself laughing at a kiddo dancing in the middle of your class, or a Mom changing a diaper while you're teaching, then this job is probably not a great fit.


  • One weekday afternoon Baby & Me Yoga Class
  • One weekday morning You Yoga, They Play! Class
  • Quarterly team meetings required
  • Occasional special events, as needed

Traits and Experience Desired:

  • Experienced in teaching yoga 
  • Experience in working with families, babies, small children, or Moms
  • Timely and responsible
  • Ability to put new Moms at ease and meet them where they're all physically and emotionally
  • Basic ability to use computers and tablets 
  • Desire to build and grow your class
  • Friendly, welcoming, and able to mingle with members and prospective members 
  • Fun loving and able to interact with babies and small children
  • Culturally competent and inclusive, as our clientele is diverse in race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, family make up, and parenting style

Expected Tasks May Include:

  • Planning and execution of yoga classes
  • Straightening up after students after class
  • Arriving at least 15 minutes before class for set up and staying until students leave, if applicable
  • May have some basic center opening or closing tasks, depending on class time
  • Providing exemplary customer service to current and prospective members
  • Building and growing your class to increase attendance
  • Processing payments and memberships as needed

Pay & Benefits:

Pay is $20 per class. No insurance benefits are offered at this time. 

This is a subcontracted position

Play & Learn Club Membership is included, if you have children

This may be a bring your child to work position, if applicable, dependent on the applicant and ability to manage the challenge of running a class with their child present. This can be discussed in further detail at interview.